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Cracked Teeth
Greensboro, NC

A cracked tooth at Tammy D. Lee, DDS in Greensboro, NCRestorative dentistry involves the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the teeth and the structures that support them. At Tammy D. Lee, DDS we provide several different restorative services to treat cracked and damaged teeth. These include dental bonding, veneers, dental crowns, and root canals. Cracked teeth can become painful, not to mention be unsightly in your mouth, especially if they are near the front. Having your cracked teeth treated promptly is necessary to prevent further breakage and damage, as well as possible infection.

Dental Bonding

Minor imperfections in your teeth can significantly impact the quality of your smile and your confidence. Dental bonding is a composite resin material, which blends in with the rest of your teeth. Bonding is designed to fix a myriad of minor issues, including cracks, chips, gaps, and teeth that are misshapen. The procedure is quick and painless and can be completed in less than an hour. The material, which is pliable, bonds to the tooth. We then shape it as needed and dry it.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are also designed to fix many minor imperfections in those teeth that are visible when you smile. Made of porcelain, dental veneers are essentially thin “shells” that cover the front portions of your affected teeth. Porcelain is stronger than bonding, and can beautifully restore the quality of your smile.

Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that we place over a badly decayed, damaged, or cracked tooth. We may recommend a crown to cover a chipped, broken, severely discolored, or otherwise misshaped tooth. A crown, once it is cemented in place, will fully encase the visible portion of a tooth. Crowns can be made from several materials, but ceramic is by far the most popular. This is because ceramic can be stained and finished to mimic the color and shine of your natural teeth.

Damage to your teeth can seriously compromise their strength. A dental crown helps to provide strength to a weak tooth, hold it together, and protect it from infection.

Root Canal Therapy

At Tammy D. Lee, DDS we will always try to save a tooth before we recommend extraction or removal. One way to accomplish this goal is with root canal therapy. Inside of each tooth exists a pulpy material that contains nerves, connective tissues, and blood vessels. During a root canal, we remove any damaged or diseased pulp from the canals to prevent the spread of infection. Once the root canal is complete, we usually need to cap the tooth with a dental crown.

There is no reason to continue to suffer in pain, discomfort, or embarrassment of having a cracked or damaged tooth. Do not let your cracked, chipped, or damaged tooth go untreated any longer. Contact Tammy D. Lee, DDS today at 336-852-9699 to schedule an appointment. We are here for all of your restorative dental treatment needs.


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Cracked Teeth - Tammy D. Lee, DDS - Dentist Greensboro, NC
We provide several different restorative services to treat cracked and damaged teeth. Call us at Tammy D. Lee, DDS and learn about your options now!
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